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Facility Rules & Regulations

  1. Brampton fairgrounds is private property - NO TRESPASSING - only participants of the league are permitted to be on-site

  2. NO ALCOHOL or other substances on the property (inside, outside, in the parking lot etc.)

  3. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for abuse of any kind to any individual or staff member on Brampton Fairgrounds property (players, referees, coaches, maintenance staff, fans etc.)

  4. Park in the designated parking spots. Those violating parking rules will be tagged and towed. 

  5. Use the main entrance located on the west side between the two buildings to enter and exit through the west side field exit.

  6. NO SMOKING of any kind



  9. NO CLEATS - Indoor soccer shoes ONLY

  10. NO Food or Drinks (WATER ONLY)

  11. Please use the garbage cans that are provided to pick up your garbage, tape and water bottles

Brampton Premier League Rules:

  1. All players must be registered and on the game sheet or else they are un eligible to play.

  2. All players must abide by Covid protocol set by the Municipality, Ontario Soccer, and the Club and subject to change from time-to-time, which may include, but not limited to: completing the Covid self assessment, providing proof of vaccination (2nd dose receipt or vaccine passport). Covid protocol may supersede any rules outlined below.

  3. All players must be 18 years or older.

  4. A player can only play on 1 team per session in the same division. (A player can play on multiple teams as long as the teams are all in different divisions)

  5. All players must play a minimum of 6 regular season games to be eligible to play in the playoffs

  6. Footwear: Indoor shoes, turf shoes or running shoes are acceptable. Outdoor cleats are NOT ALLOWED in this facility.

  7. Shin guards are mandatory!

  8. No jewelry. If it’s visible, it must be removed.

  9. All players (excluding goalkeepers) must wear their official team shirt (ie. the one that the rest of the team is wearing) with a unique number. Numbers cannot be taped on. If a number is falling off or has fallen off, the referee has the discretion to allow the player to continue providing the player can still be identified. No shirt swapping or sharing. Goalkeepers may wear their own shirt as long as it clearly contrasts with teams’ players’ shirts, the opposing goalkeeper’s shirt, and the referee’s shirt. Referees are not authorized to allow exceptions to these rules and will prohibit players from participating who are not properly attired. Players failing to abide by the uniform policy outlined above are ineligible.

  10. The team bench is for players, injured players, and registered team officials. It is not for spectators. Spectators must sit in the designated spectator area. Any individual who is not a registered team official on the team bench will be assumed to be a player and therefore must sign the game sheet.

  11. Substitutions may occur at any time, on-the-fly at arm’s length. The oncoming player will enter the field at the halfway line, and may only enter the field when the outgoing player exits the field between the halfway line and the players bench. If the outgoing player leaves the field anywhere else other than the designated area, the incoming player must wait until the outgoing player has reached his team bench before entering the field. An automatic yellow card for illegal player change will be issued to the player entering the pitch.

  12. Matches will be two halves of 25 minutes each. 

  13. Any forfeited matches are scored as 3 – 0. Refunds are not granted for forfeited matches. The score lines for ALL matches from ANY withdrawn or expelled team will revert to 3 – 0 losses.

  14. All matches are 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss. Ties in the standings will be resolved as follows: result(s) of head-to-head competition (aggregate +/- is not applicable), most wins, least goals against, greatest positive goal difference, coin toss.

  15. Corner kicks, goal kicks, and kick-ins (from the sidelines) will be used. (NO THROW INS)

  16. All free kicks, kick – ins, corner kicks and goal kicks are all indirect. Penalty shots are obviously direct.

  17. There are no off sides.

  18. Slide tackles are prohibited. This is not applicable to a keeper sliding in his own box providing the slide is done in a safe manner. All other slide tackles (including ones in the box) will result in an indirect free kick.

  19. If the ball hits the ceiling, anything attached to the ceiling, or light fixtures, play is stopped and the opposing team is awarded an indirect free kick. A ball hitting the ceiling or light fixtures above the penalty area will be moved out of the penalty area if the attacking team is awarded the free kick.

  20. Yellow card = 2 minute time penalty. Red card = 5 minute time penalty (served by another player). Penalties (yellow cards) issued to a keeper may be served by another player who was on the field at the time the penalty was given. Penalties do NOT replace the fines/suspensions noted below.

  21. Teams that have had a player sent off (red carded) do not have to play short-handed after the penalty has been served. The red-carded player may not spend the duration of the match on his/her team’s bench.

  22. Matches stopped before fulltime by the referee will be investigated by the league convenor. The league convenor has the authority to record the result “as is”, declare a double forfeiture (both teams receive a loss), order the match replayed or completed, or assign a winner.(This will be discussed internally with the convenor and referees)



  1. Red Cards: $50 fine payable by the offender or his Team Representative. The suspended player will not be allowed to return until his suspension is served AND the Team Representative has paid the fine.

  2. Forfeit Without 48-hour emailed Notice: $100 fine.

  3. Ineligible Players: Teams caught using unregistered, suspended, expelled, or players otherwise ineligible will forfeit the match and will be fined $100. Further disciplinary action may be pursued.

  4. Game sheet signatures: If a team is caught with extra signatures on the game sheet for player who are not present at the game the team will be fined $100.

  5. Shirt Swapping/Sharing: Teams caught with players who are swapping or sharing shirts will forfeit the match and will be fined $100. Further disciplinary action may be pursued.

  6. Game Abandonment: A team or teams found guilty of causing a match to be abandoned due to the actions of its players and/or coaches and/or fans may be fined to a maximum of $500.

  7. NO FIGHTING ALLOWED! Any player who fights will be automatically kicked out of the league and the team will be fined $100.

  8. REMINDER!!! All fines must be paid prior to your teams next game. If fines are not paid the team will automatically forfeit the game and be fined an extra $100.

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